TIN MEDIA Exclusives

Website Banner

Placement of your Brand's banner on tin.media website which generates an average traffic of

Newsletter Collaboration

Placement of your Brand's article in collaboration with tin.media on it's newsletter with 120k+ subscribers

Email Collaboration

Email shoutout to tin.media email audience about your brand

Event Management

Conducting an on-ground fun activity on Event days for better engagement of attendees

Campaign Content


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Video creation

Leverage on tin.media traffic with video content produced in collaboration with TIN, Socisl Media share included

Webcast (content + shoot)

Leverage on tin.media traffic through a webcast produced in collaboration with TIN, Social Media share included

Global Media Release Circulation

Targeted Media Directory

Clients will be availed with a targeted media listing for approval before going ahead with any distribution or circulation.

Editorial Support

To ensure a high pick-up rate, our in-house content specialist consisting of well-versed and experienced journalists, writers, and editors will assist you throughout. The content will be adjusted and tweaked accordingly in order to fit in the article in different platform and media outlets.

Media Monitoring

At the end of the distribution period (i.e. Within 3 weeks), a full report of coverage will be provided for smoother execution.

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You can also email us at hello@tin.digital and we will get back to you.