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Have you started your Journey towards Digitalisation yet? Begin by taking our Digital Health check, Absolutely FREE

If you find yourself thinking digital transition is worthless to give attention to or digital transformation efforts that you have been putting on for years aren’t bearing fruit, then technology is not the one to blame. It might have something to do with a lack of a digital mindset. Digital is always more about people and how to use it than it is about technology. Ultimately, bringing people and technology together.  A mindset shift is very important as no amount of technology will ever turn a business into success without going through a significant shift in the digital mindset.

Becoming digitally fit can help people at any technical level to improve their digital literacy and awareness in this challenging time. With this in mind, TIN Digital has released its own digital fitness link for free to the public to get their business’s digital fitness checked. You can get it done here

TIN Digital is well equipped to feed you with things that are appropriate for your level and from what you’re showing an interest in. So, if you start off with quite a low to average score, we’ll send you some of the basic information and guide you through. It checks your score and as you move up, eventually we’ll feed you with more advanced output.”

In terms of digital disruption and the digital transformation of your businesses, it is important to always start with your mindset. Engage with your audience, be customer-centric. Develop a culture of innovation and empowerment, try to cope up with trends. Create new processes to support your new ways of working. Get the right tools in place to sustain innovation. Be digitally sound to stay updated with the news trends in the market. And finally and most importantly, you have to invest in the right technology for a desirable outcome.

Now, it should be an evident question that why the digital mindset is so important to have? Here’s why. An individual with a "digital mindset" understands the power of technology to democratize, scale, and speed up every form of interaction and action.

Technology is playing a transformative role in virtually every domain today. Having a digital mindset is the ability to grasp this spectrum of the impact that the digital era has on us and thus truly appreciate the results coming through the transformation.

Learning to understand and cope with change helps and enables any business to be the center of attraction by doing something unique yet keeping up with the trend. Before investing in modern systems and applications, organizations have to drive efforts to build a digital mindset as a whole. But at the same time, they also need to understand that being digitally savvy is not the same as having a digital mindset.

To build the right digital mindset, organizations need to have the right practices and approaches in place, so they can empower and engage while fueling a culture of innovation and continuous improvement.